Our health services a social bridge in Nimes most difficult suburbs

Our Health Center is located in one of the most difficult suburbs of the city of Nimes, where usual businesses have left the area due to security concern. At the heart of our project is the revival of this area of the city where people live and need critical health services. Since our launch in […]

Pre-clinical development as microbicide of C14

Abstract Background: Terpenoid derivatives originating from many plants species, are interesting compounds with numerous biological effects, such as anti-HIV-1 activity. The zinc tetra-ascorbo-camphorate complex (or “C14”), a new monoterpenoid derivative was evaluated in vitro for its anti-HIV-1 activity on both R5- and X4-HIV-1 infection of primary target cells (macrophages, dendritic cells and T cells) and on […]

Our Health Center active during the Pandemic in Nimes, France

This Friday morning, a City Hall team was visiting Valdegour in the premises of the Val Santé center to salute their activity during the Covid-19 crisis. The medical center welcomed in one of its wings the patients suspected of being contaminated, during the months of March and April. The Val Santé center, located in Valdegour, […]

Our Patent on a anti-micro-organism Terpenic composition

The invention relates to a terpenic composition for use as an anti-micro-organism or anti-viral agent comprising a cyclic terpenic compound obtained from a terpene of the general formula (C5 H8)n, n being in the range of 2 to 5; and to a vector-forming organic substance, associated to the said cyclic terpenic compound

Our latest Article on Heliyon on innhibition of HPV virus

Abstract: Zinc tetra-ascorbo-camphorate (or drug “C14”) is a synthetic monoterpenoid derivative that has potent anti-HIV-1 activity in vitro. In this study, we evaluated the in vitro antiviral properties of C14 against human papillomavirus (HPV). Inhibition assay of HPV-16-pseudovirus (PsVs) adsorption on COS-7 cells by C14 was used. C14 inhibited HPV-16-PsVs adsorption with IC50 ranging between […]